Hauntingly Spirited : Spirits and Spells

Bonding Processes, Rituals and Instructions

Our spirits can use any Bonding process your comfortable with, any preferred bonding method/ritual you may already have and use or you may try this one.

Bonding Ritual

For incense you may use any scent you prefer, or no incense at all, the ritual will work with out it.
This ritual can be used with any spirits that you may receive from me.
 I have used this for spirits I have received from others as well.
 Find a comfortable and quite place turn the lights down or off, whatever  you prefer. ( for Dark Arts or any spirit that is strongest at night)Light your candle and incense.
This is a very personal and private thing between you and your spirit.
Sit quietly and think of them.  When you are ready Ask them to bring their
energy close to you so your energies may combine.
Welcome them  to your family, your home, your life.
At this time you may  tell them about yourself and your life.
Also add any rules or guidelines that you may have for them.
This may take between 5 minutes to an hour, every spirit is different and you may wish to
share different things with  different spirits.
When you feel finished you are finished, this is all about instinct.
When ever you feel it is time, you can snuff the candle or let it burn out.

After the ritual is done you should keep your spirits vessel on you, for at least 7 days to help with the bonding.  Handle your vessel often and  while meditating and using communication tools.(Automatic Writing, Spirit Board, Pendulum etc...)


White Arts Spirits - White Candle or any bright or light colored Candle that comes to mind when you think of  your spirit ( faeries and dragons will love colored candles for bonding) etc...

Grey arts spirits- Grey candle  or a white colored candle. Or any color candle that comes to mind when you think of that spirit

 Dark Arts Spirits- Black candle or a White candle. Or any color that comes to mind when you think of that spirit.

 White is an all purpose candle color for all spirits, will work for all spirits of all types.