Hauntingly Spirited : Spirits and Spells

Platinum Dragons

I have some astral spirits that call themselves Platinum Dragons, though there is not much about them that looks like a dragon

They are long and skinny like a chinese dragon and the head that looks like a chinese dragon, but they don't have any wings, they say they don't need them. They do have scales but not atoll like regular dragons. Their scales are more like long hair like quills, very metallic and shiny, but soft as feathers to the touch. their eyes are a swirly hypnotic silver. They are not huge dragons, they range in size between 4 and 8 feet long.

They are very vocal and loud, they can be naughty like children are sometimes... More like Faeries on steroids, they are tricksters and need lots of attention like children, They are  only on the astral plain and actually a very good thing too, because the chaos that can be caused here is phenomenal, they are big tricksters, not to cause any harm, but chaos just a little bit YES. They also are very fun loving and playful spirits, their moods can change like quick silver. They can help you to connect the astral plain.

 They do not want offerings from us, they say why,  we can't get to them properly, or protect them properly so thank you but no thank you.