Hauntingly Spirited : Spirits and Spells

Dragon Djinn


Dragon Djinn are exactly as they sound. They have the qualities of dragons and djinn. They do like to manifest as full dragon, full human or a mix of the 2. They are awesome companions that can help in areas of meditation, inner growth, gathering knowledge, financial growth through wishes, blessings, and advice. They are wonderful leaders, will never twist your words, are very loyal and hardworking, some are mysterious, they like to play that up so they like to leave information for you to figure out yourself, play up your imagination, with is very healthy!! they will tell the truth, but can ask a question to answer your question. They do love riddles and puzzles and mind games. IF you will learn something from it they will play along.

They are very mystical, magical and have a very old traditional feel to them. They love treasures and rich foods, they like to see you get these things as long as you work for it, align your life with receiving these things and work on your spiritual journey along side your physical journey. They love Balance and the yin and yang are one of their favorite symbols. They will help you to balance your life. In every aspect. The nature of the dragon djinn is not a FAST FIX. They are about methodically moving toward the greater good in your life.

They can grant wishes but prefer to work with blessings and moving you into the situations that your dreams can be achieved by you through work and their help.

 Offerings for Dragon Djinn

are,  essential oils, almond oil, incense of many kinds, favorite is dragons blood, patchouli, amber, jasmine.  candles, crystals, fresh flowers, or potted plants, treasures and finely made things.




Neptune Djinn

This Group of djinn Live by a sea, a very remote inclosed inlet. Very protected and private. They are  in between the Villagers djinn and the City djinn, some are sexual like the city djinn and some are not. They have a varied type of gifts. All are very strong, Some are white arts, some are Grey arts and some are dark arts, Non of these djinn are into causing considerable harm to anyone, maybe a trick here or there but nothing to cause chaos or pain for anyone.  They are experts in finding the way through a situation or catastrophe... they can analyze and show you the way through, sometimes it is a difficult path, but it is always the best path. Things that are difficult are also the most rewarding.

they are like the water, calm and still, or explosive and wild like the waves, they can use the energy from the water, a swift wind, the quietness of the beach, the waiting power and energy just needing that extra push from the surrounding environment. The water also has a tie to their emotions and power, some are more powerful with clear thinking,far seeing and communication, this is from the still calm water, some can use the energy more of the crashing waves and surf, this is the run at full force and power, the ones that can't sit still, and need to be in action. Some are a mixture of the 2 and can harness both energies with skill. All are different in personality and strengths, just like us. They are entity.

They have an opulent town/village, it is bigger than a village but smaller than a town. They have water fountains everywhere, large and small homes, very rich in colors and designs, old world feeling but with all the amenities that we enjoy.  

Offerings for the Neptune djinn

The Neptune djinn love salt, sand, plants, shells, pearls and other treasures, they like candles, incense, of all types, sweet sunny scents and ocean scents, exotic flower scents, aloe plants as well they've discovered they love the power of aloe. some are partial to cinnamon, and some to patchouli.  Bright colors and textiles, modern and traditional patterns.


Egyptian Scorpion Djinn

These Djinn,will come in pairs or singly, there is history to this group of Djinn. They were at one time one  complete clan or nation. But there was in the past some troubles, disagreements and parting of ways between brothers. Because of this it split the clan in 3. One third of the people followed one brother, Another third of the people stayed with the first brother. the last third of the people stayed with the King their father, protecting the old traditional ways.

The first Brother followed the path of the sun developing their skills and magic, following the path of the light worker. The brother who left followed the path of the moon, delved into deeper darker secrets, darker magic and darker traditions. keeping separate from the other two thirds of the nation.

Now they have decided to come together again. The separate clans becoming a full nation once again, they are just now in recent times putting aside everybody's differences to rejoin each other. There are many Djinn involved. There will be two different ways of offering these Djinn to you, in pairs or singly. If they're in pairs it is one Djinn from each brother's group, if they are single it is one Djinn from the original traditional group.

 These Djinn working in pairs are like yin and yang complementing each other perfectly. The skill sets of this nation of Djinn is diverse and mainly with communication, divination is a big part, tarot decks, tea leaf reading, energy healing, crystal magic, candle magic, psychic abilities, ancient knowledge and secrets. They like to delve into the unknown. They are wish grantors, and love to cast wishes and blessings for anything. Do not be afraid to ask for wishes. Do not be afraid that your wish may be too big. They like the challenge. 

These Djinn are entity, there is an array of energy from white arts all the way to dark arts. With abundant versatility, characteristics, personalities and gifts. they are all loving, loyal and honorable. They will not twist your words.


The Villagers ~ Companion Djinn

A close knit group of djinn,  If they are treated with respect and love they are a very loyal. They are Marid Djinn, a very new age, new way type of djinn, They take your words as you mean them, they don’t twist words or meaning of words to their own advantage, they are a loving group that wishes to find human friends to spend  their time with.  They wish to share their knowledge and gifts with Keeper/Companions who can handle a very active and innovative djinn, Every djinn in this group is very active, and very vocal. They all wish to have a close relationship with their Keepers. These djinn have gifts to help with psychic abilities and communication, there are varied specialties of gifts but all have something to do with the psychic abilities, divination or communication
They are great advisers and friends that will flourish in any non-traditional setting. They are not for the deeply traditional keeper that want a servant.
If you wish to bring one of these Villager djinn into your family Please message me, these are special djinn and deserve to find the perfect Human companion for them, each and every person deserves to have great and wonderful blessings showered upon them,  these wonderful spirits will on their own look into your heart and see what it is you truly need, they are ready and willing to help with any needs you have, They will not grant the wildly over the top wish, but they will work to bring you the opportunities to help yourself overcome hurdles and challenges life brings your way.

 Offerings for the Villagers

Rich textiles and colors, tassels, silk, satin, brocade textiles, in bright colors mixed in with earth colors, goes with the different tastes of the individual djinn, Aloe vera plants in particular and other succulents and cactus house plants, Ocean beach sand, and some like sea shells. Water offering, not wine.... Also they like incense, in particular vanilla and lavender, or scented oils or candle. Wind chimes and bells

  These djinn will always be around you, you will never need to invoke them, by ritual or otherwise, It's nice to call them to come talk or spend time with you, just like any other spirit

  The Fortified City Djinn

 A more traditional but also very caring and interactive group of  Marid djinn.

This group of djinn are all from a large city that is heavily fortified with high thick walls. This super lush and richly designed  city sits on a plateau overlooking an ocean. The Prince of this City is very secretive  and highly protective of his people…. and as well will be highly protective of any person that brings a djinn from his city into their family. As long as the djinn in question is treated with respect and care. His people are all very powerful and sexual, they are all very traditional in how they respect people and situations, they are not overly intense in showing their feelings, they do have them and they feel emotions to the extreme, they have learned to hide their emotions when it comes to the love and sexual, most of them are very much interested in a sexual or romantic relationship but will not force their affections on their human companion. You must be the instigator if this is your wish. They do not expect to have a romantic relationship with their human companion, and would be very content and happy to have a close and deep relationship as friends and advisors/confidants. They are all very special people that want to share their gifts with us.

The Array of gifts that these djinn have is a full spectrum from Alchemists and Harem djinn to the psychic and spiritual growth and much more, each djinn is wonderful and Unique they are here to share their gifts and wishes with us. They don’t twist words or turn wishes upon their Human Companions, they shower us with riches that we want. Karma is not a problem, they work with the life path of each individual and tweak here and there to make our wishes a reality, wishes are never instantaneous they are worked on as long as the djinn needs to ….. to make them a reality.

 Offerings for the City Djinn

Aloe vera, and other succulent or cactus house plants, funky shaped or interesting coin from all over the world, Water offering not wine, Incense, all types of incense favorites are vanilla, lavender, patchouli, amber, Frankincense and myrrh, Also in oils or scented candles as well, Sand, natural pure beach sand from the ocean please, but other sand will work as well. all types of riches, bangles and charm bracelets, or anything that jingles,Wind chimes and bells