Hauntingly Spirited : Spirits and Spells

Flower faeries


Flower Faeries can range between WA and DA, they are all sizes from tiny tiny to  mid size and a few that are full size, but those are rare.  Not all of them have flowers on their heads as hats, but most do, they come in a range of skin colors as well, green, white, Caucasian, ebony, pink, goldish and also sparkly skin colors like they were dusted in mica!,

They pollinate and make sure the flowers are as lush as they can get, and improve scent in the flowers too. They are just as happy and fun loving as the garden faeries,  bubbly etc.. and they do all the things that other faeries do too, blessings and joy spread to everyone. mischievous and light tricksters as well.

The DA flower faeries are just like the WA in looks, more muted in colors do the same things, but on the darker side.