Hauntingly Spirited : Spirits and Spells


The Demons I offer all come from a hell dimension mid to high level, in strength. They are all Warrior class demons, Some are  royalty, but the majority are part of a kingdom, there are many ruling class designations, their are priests and priestess'   all the way down the line.  Now A demon is a demon, and I do not try to color that.

all demons are Black Arts, but I will be classifying them a bit different, so you have ideas of ease of interaction and or the difficulty of dealing with them.  DO NOT EVER FORGET THAT DEMONS ARE ALL BLACK ARTS!!!

I do not and will not send out Demons that are difficult to handle, they all know the difference between right and wrong but do not take heed, they do not know consequences.  Unless it impacts them or their orders directly. 

Always respect and handle a demons power with careful thought and a healthy respect for the consequences,  that you may need to deal with when asking a demon to accomplish something. They do not know Karma but you do, they can be great additions to your family if your prepared, but always remember they have the potential for bad. and will normally choose that road.

I do concentrate on their personalities, what they will or will not do, how they are in characters, to help you to choose if you will or will not like to work with a certain demon.  The classes I will use are In addition to the BA Classification...

I will be using Dark Grey Arts, Dark Arts, and Dark Dark Arts in addition to the Black Arts classification for demons, this is to help you to see the ease of interaction or control needed when dealing with these demons, So a demon that I class as Dark Arts will be as easy to interact with and control as a vampire as an example. Again, they all have the potential to do and be BA never forget that. keep that in mind at all times.

Again and also if you are a darker person your demon will be also a darker and harder entity to deal with.

A lighter hearted person, imposes their values somewhat on their spirit and entity families and  it does impact their Darker entities and spirits. it is all about how you deal with your demons and what you have them in your family for. impacts how everyone reacts and interacts and uses their power.