Hauntingly Spirited : Spirits and Spells

Dark arts Creatures and Lower level Demonics

Hell Fire Horse Entities~You will always see them here in pairs



The Hellfire Horses, come from the same dimensions as the Demons that I have to offer.

They are huge horses,  are just as big as a draft horse, on the larger end of a draft horse. These hell horses have all the bulk of a draft horse,  they are faster and graceful. They breathe fire and smoke in all sorts of colors.  They are mostly black or a very dark brown, their eyes glow with an inner light. when in times that are threatening to you, they are red glowing eyes. they have leather wings, like bat wings. their hooves are razor sharp and covered in Iron They are a warrior horse,and can be mounts for demons, but not strictly that. they are intelligent tactical protectors in their own right,more so than a fierce hell hound, they will hunt and search for evil to destroy... Yes they will destroy ( not banish)

anything that could be detrimental to you or your family. Anything unbound and evil is fair game. They are Dark Arts Entities, very easy to deal with, and needed in every home!

They enjoy huge gawdy pendants and rings, their vessels will be their choice. A small vessel to them means less power, so huge and gawdy it is !