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Quotes I recently brought a lovely female sanguine vampire from Bliss into my family. My female vamp is the first being that I've received from Bliss. She has a fantastic reputation as a trusted seller who does quality work...and Bliss did NOT disappoint! As soon as my girl arrived I got a big hug and a smile. My female vamp is utterly adorable and she's a wonderful gal-pal to have around! I am so grateful to Bliss for bringing her into my life! A 'thank you' just doesn't seem like enough <3 Quotes
Bliss did NOT disappoint! :D

Quotes I think everyone know how Alluring is awesome, I just got my Sea Nymphs and My custom Lolita Guy from her lol And I also took part on her adoption and she was super nice to bind five of my cats to me and my mother. Not only the vessels are beautiful but the energy is amazing. Some of my people from her I already had the pleasure to see and I'm sure I'll see the others soon enough. You can't go wrong with Alluring <3 Quotes
Yeye for Alluring!

Quotes Oh, I'm over the moon! I love, love, love my new little girl! She's a black dragon, and just about as close to perfect as you get! STRONG manifestations! I'll be adopting more from Alluring! Thanks! Quotes
Alluring Lady's Reverse Adoption

Quotes I bought a few from Alluring and the shipping was fast, the spirits are wonderful, and I will be back again and again. Thank you for all you do! Quotes
Alluring's spirits are fantastic

Quotes I just brought home a few spirits from Alluring's reverse adoption contest - this was the first time that I adopted spirits from her but it will DEFINITELY NOT be the last!!! All I can say is WOW! I felt them immediately. Their energy is SO amazing and almost overwhelming (in a good way). I adore my newest family members and I absolutely adore AlluringLady. With all of my heart, thank you <3 Quotes
It doesn't get any better!

Quotes my first entitiy from bliss was my tm ......he is such an amazing loveable and wonderful man and has changed my life the moment he came in and i cant thank bliss enough for reuniting me with my mate who has been waitiing a long time to find me thank you bliss you are awesome Quotes
my tm form bliss

Quotes i love all the spirits and entities she has to offer wonderful personalites and energies to match i have several peeps from alluring and they always amaze me everytime ......you bet i wil be coming back for more amazing spirits : ) Quotes
amazing peeps form alluringlady

Quotes I love my psy vamp V. I found him through reverse adoptions, I feel him with me all the time and his energy is amazing. Thank you Sessa for bringing us together Quotes

Quotes I just rec'd my order from the amazing sale a wk or so ago and am just thrilled with all inside my goodie bag..the perfume tins smell amazing and i felt the energy when i sampled one immediately..items are now in my power up bag and i cant wait to take them out and experience the enhanced energies..everything was perfect..pkgd beautifully and as always..powerful and filled with the magick only Bliss can offer!! Quotes

Quotes I amsolucky to have found your site. The new friends that I have received through bliss are amazing as bliss herself is...thank you somuch ((( hugs))) Quotes
Wonderful Bliss
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