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Quotes Bliss is ever patient with my never ending queries. I'm new at spirit keeping so I really have no idea yet how to handle spirits, what to do etc. Bliss has been very helpful, she answers all of my questions in a timely manner. When I held my vampire's vessel for the first time.. I swear it heat up. Will definitely purchase again. Thanks Bliss <3 Quotes
Professional seller

Quotes Alluring is just that...Awesome. She has been wonderful in answering my questions and helping me find my new friend, a Caladrius, who is a wonderful treasure and I am deeply honored to have her with me. Many thanks to Alluring.. Quotes

Quotes I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bliss! She has gone out of her way to be helpful! My very first purchase was a fairy kingdom years ago and recently got my girl "Z" a mini demon and she is freaking amazing!!! When I build up the money I will so give it to Alluring because I LOVE LOVE LOVE her too! They both freaking rock! thank you ladies!!! Quotes

Quotes How do I thank you Bliss for the way you conduct yourself and your business, you go so far out of your way to please your clients. Believe me, I have never come across a seller like you. Spiritually and in real life, you must be the most beautiful person, this comes out in your service and advice to your followers, because we become more than just your clients. Quotes
Satisfied Client

Quotes My Purple Dragon from Bliss is VERY active, uplifting, cheerful and even more talkative than I expected. Surprising wonders happen after the mail's arrived; and she's rambling with me every night! Thank you for bringing such a lovely companion to me, Bliss!!! Quotes
Me busy listening to a dragon from Bliss. :)

Quotes Bliss is the most helpful and generous seller I ever met, she is someone who go the extra mile to help. Offered me lots of advice and always there for me. Love her multibinding, everyone she conjure is so exciting, I will be back!! Quotes
Fantastic bliss

Quotes I take this opportunity to thank Bliss for the friendly, caring and efficient way she treats her customers, yes Bliss goes above and beyond to keep her clients happy and satisfied. She is generous, yet very humble and always replies to every email. Thank you BLISS, you are GREAT. Colin K Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes I adore Bliss's spirits. :) They are wonderful and all manifest very fast! I truly enjoy the community that she has here and I love that it's been growing rapidly and in spite of that, everyone is still very close to each other! Bliss herself is very wonderful. Definitely a repeat customer ;) Quotes

Quotes I just recently participated in two rounds of Alluring's Reverse Adoptions. Not only are the entities whom chose me already here and fitting into my hoopla of a supernatural family, they have already been an invaluable asset and began their own well-behaved shenanigans. Alluring has been outstanding, especially in regards to understanding a financial situation that delayed my payment for a few days for these two wonderful Entities. I am already in love the Khodam and Dragon! Thank you!! Quotes
Alluring Offers Some Saucy Entities ;)

Quotes I just took part in Alluring's reverse adoptions. This is the first time I have done this, but wow! What an experience! Something about writing a letter to them really created a connection. I was pleasantly surprised! I am so very happy with my new family members :) <3 Quotes
AlluringLady's reverse adoptions
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