Hauntingly Spirited : Spirits and Spells

Animal Shifters

General info about the Animal Shifters I work with.

These are different than a Werewolf, though I do offer werewolves and do tend to lump them all together Because they are all Shifters.

They are a non Humanoid group of entities and spirits, At heart they are animal and can take on a humanoid form.

They all have different abilities to help us with emotion, strength, courage, magic casting, stamina, family, money etc...

All of these Animal Shifters can only change between Animal or Human. A real dragon spirit/entity can shift to multiple animal types or human whatever they want.

I do have Panwere, they can shift into multiple animals

Snow Leopard Shifters
Snow leopards are all about Love, all facets of love from the fierce burning fire of love all the way down to the slow simmer of a love grown deep and all encompassing, Familial love and friendship all types of love. They reflect our different lives in their demeanor and actions, they can funnel our passions, unrequited love, and our deepest friendships and oldest flames into action. Helping us to remember, deal with and continue on with all the loves in our lives, they work in concert with the tigers to find balance in heartache. Any extra energy from our love is used to protect us physically and metaphysically. They can be fierce protectors and fighters or they can be soft and comforting.

Bear Shifters
Bears are hunters and gatherers, they are all about protection, providing for you and the whole family. They are also about relationship and can help you to develop and maintain a closer bond with all your family ties. They can help you search for needed items (provide food, shelter) money to an extent. And protection they are very big on protection, they are formidable opponents to negative spirits and entities which mean you harm.They are very loyal, and hard-working.

Dolphin Shifters
Dolphins are mostly Entity, but there is the odd spirit in the mix.

They bring a very calming and cooling energy, very free spirited and can share that with you. They have gifts of communication, all types of communication from dealing with our human physical world to spirit communication. They help you strengthen your gifts for telepathy with all other types of spirits and entities. They work well with others, and have strong psychic protection capabilities.

They will help to open up your telepathic abilities

They can help you to learn different divination skills and techniques, some have different strengths in some of these different areas but all can do these things

Panther Shifters
I need to send panthers in pairs, they patrol and need to be in pairs.

Panthers are very protective spirits, they are hunters of the negative or evil entity/spirit. They are very loyal and have a huge heart, they can share their agility and some strength in some cases with their human friends. They are always looking for the battle, not to cause trouble within your family, but they range far and wide to find their opponent. They are diligent and fierce in their protection, they are loners normally, but hunting parties come about if one finds a very large or powerful opponent. They remind me of the Viking Warrior in their single mindedness, heart and perseverance.

Monkey Shifters
Monkey's are tricksters, not to harm, to have fun, they are very curious, But sometimes they can overdo it.

They are pretty much like faeries in general in the way they act. They are very Happy go lucky and indulgent. Just like children can be.

They bring memories of our childhood to us and remind us of a simpler time in our lives. They bring childhood mischief and stress relief, remind us how to have fun. You will get times that you act like a child yourself, goofy and happy, and wild idea's. They are amazing spirits that are wonderful to have around you.

Lion Shifters
Lions are all about Pride in themselves, physical strength,focus.

They are here to help you to develop your mental focus, and strength. To help you to take pride in your endeavors and strive to be the best that you can be. They all have an aura of strength and power, this aura will be transferred to their keeper in time.

You will feel strong, powerful and able to take on the world. They give you the get up and go to get things done.

They also like their down time... And can help you to relax when you need it. They can be languid and sleepy in their rest and can help you to relax and recharge your mind and body.

Were Lions have all the characteristics of Lions. Same behaviors and attitudes.

They are protective of their prides. And they are always striving to be the best.
Were Lions are a separate humanoid species that can take the shape of the lion, they can be human or lion, they are born this way and not made like a werewolf can be.

Dragon Shifters
Dragons do everything that a Dragon does, there are all colors of Dragon Shifters, and their Gifts match their colors like regular dragon spirits.

Example a red dragon is always on the hunt for treasure, and money, they are the greediest of the were dragons. But in addition and this goes for all colors of dragon Shifters on an average they are also hunting for knowledge for any and everything they are interested in. Magick, History, rare books, Mysticism anything the individual dragon Shifter is interested in. They are like Us always asking the W5 questions. Because they have a Thirst for Knowledge, they have much to share with us.

They are also awesome Protectors, advisers, and some are interested in a more intimate relationship with their Keeper Companions. Not all but some. Every individual is an individual, with different personalities, and characters.

Dragon Shifters are a separate humanoid species that can take the shape of the dragon, they can be human or dragon, they are born this way and not made like a werewolf can be

Tiger Shifters
Tigers Are Protectors of Your Emotions

That's what they do and all they do besides of course companions and friends

Tigers come in different colors White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and Orange

They help balance your emotions, if you are going through a hard time emotionally, they will work hard to bring you some relief and happiness to balance out your emotions and make you feel better.

Example of this would be the loss of a loved one, Human or animal, loss of job, Bad Break up, and everything in between that can make your emotions waiver to Heartbreak and all that entails.

They are also very analytical they can figure out the best, fastest, most beneficial way to solve your situation, they are great advisers, they take note of all the spirits around them, and what they are capable of to help in any situation that may arise.

They work best for you if you let them just be themselves and do their jobs. Of course you can request from them tasks and advice.

They are more than willing and capable of fulfilling tasks.

They are very loyal and like the interaction with their human companions.

Tigers are a separate humanoid species that can take the shape of the tiger, they can be human or tiger, they are born this way and not made like a werewolf can be