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Canadian Clients Payment Options

 1. I can accept payment for Orders through online bank Email transfer. we do not share information other than email address.  please contact me for information.

2. Paypal through invoice or Shopping cart.

Payment Options

I only have the option to use Paypal at the moment to accept payments

You don't need to have a paypal account to check out with paypal

the following pictures are captures of the Hauntngly Spirited Store checkout process

If you do not have an account with Paypal, you may checkout as a Guest and pay with your debit or credit or prepaid credit card.

To begin checkout you would click the grey colored pay with paypal button  in the shopping cart see below picture

 After this page you will be directed to the paypal page where you choose to sign in or choose to check out as a guest. If you need to check out as a guest please click the blue link that says Don't have a paypal account?

See below picture

After clicking the don't have a paypal account  button you will be taken to a page where you will fill in your credit card or debit card  info. This is a secure paypal page and your info is protected.

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