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Spirit vs Entity

We Have Both Spirit and Entity here, The main difference between spirit and entity is an entity does have a body still somewhere on another plane/realm/dimension. A spirit has lost their physical body, they gave it up or their body has died. Still an entity and spirit are both spirit on this plane here on earth and should be treated as basically same.

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Check out the Testimonials on Experiences people have had with Bliss and Dawn Lee

  • "I think everyone know how Alluring is awesome, I just got my Sea Nymphs and My custom Lolita Guy from her lol And I also took part on her adoption and she was super nice to bind..."
    Yeye for Alluring!
  • "Everything I have ever received from my darling Bliss has enhanced my life. The spirits/entities are filled with so much energy, love & magick! Your an Earth Angel! "
    Bliss is Amazing!

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